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Fishing spots around the campsite

3 fishing sites within 100 meters of the campsite

* The Lake: 2nd category body of water with all species of freshwater fish, predator included. Also ideal for making lively.

2 releases of "rainbow" trout organized by the fishing company "the seagull" and the town hall take place on July 14 and August 15.

* The canal: a fish-filled canal runs along the stretch of water between the campsite and the Rhône.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

* The Rhône: very famous for its Zander and its famous Silures which in this corner reach extraordinary dimensions. Free entry into the water at the marina 100 meters from the campsite.

Lake 50 meters from the campsite

We provide you with daily fishing cards at reception, to use wherever you want from sunrise to sunset!

New record for the Lou Vincen campsite

held by Didier Malot September 2018

2.50 m

Camping Lou Vincen catfish fishing record

2.46 meters, in September 2017

Well done to Wladimir and Didier!

Congratulations also to Baptiste and Aurélien

for a beautiful catfish, 2.27 meters

September 2017

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